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How We Help

EA-Optimised provides a full range of both Enterpriser and Solution Architecture services. Our team are all seasoned technical professionals who are focused on the delivery of high quality delivery.

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What we do

With a broad range of experience and many years of leadership in Archiecture we provide cuttng edge desing and delivery with velocity (there is no point in delivering late)!

Security is the issue keeping CEO's awake to day; we have depth in delivering secuirty and are partnered with ForgeRock to provide desing and implementation around their product suite. With ForgeRock we provide world class identity management.
Every transformation project needs to have a good Architect as one of the key memebers of the team. They need to provide a vsion of "What Good Looks Like" and to provide the roadmaps that will deliver the best and most cost effective results.
Building an architecture practice is hard! Our team has done this many time, so why not let us help you by building the structure and governance that is needed to create a successful architecture practice.

What People Say About Us

Below are just a few comments from some of our clients.

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Find out how EA-Optimised can help you deliver your digital Journey


Find out how EA-Optimised can help you deliver

Security the identity of your clients and staff; EA-Optimised are partnered with ForgeRock and CallSign, we will provide high quality implementation for your Identity and Access Management.
Digital Transformation; All transformaiton programmes need
Architecture Governance
Enterprise Architecture
Cloud Architecture
Solutions Architecture
GDPR and Compliance

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